My Approach

Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations all share the challenge of setting and achieving goals. My approach to solving these problems is to research, recommend, and implement the best technology systems for your needs. Next, I establish clear operations and communications processes to effectively communicate and implement change. My skill in technology consulting, operations automation, and strategic planning can enable your organization to have a big impact.

Your Needs First

As organizations grow, they rely on an ever-increasing volume of software systems and data to perform their function. As a result, maintaining a wide variety of non-interconnected systems and software often becomes an overly burdensome task, resulting in unnecessary manual labor and lost sales opportunities.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and ICOs

The cryptography technology behind blockchain has led to disruption in many industries, from currency to logistics to the nonprofit sector. I have experience managing developers creating impactful products using this technology. I help startups and established businesses understand how they can leverage the power of blockchain.


Efficiency and precision are my highest priorities. I'll do a thorough job in half the time --- and at half the rate --- of a big consulting firm, but I'll bring my Big Four, Silicon Valley experience with me. Just as important, you can depend on me for a personal, responsive approach. I only take clients whose mission I am passionate about, and I'm invested in your success.

What Clients Say

My clients range from Fortune 500 companies to International NGOs and startups.



Does your organization lack expert knowledge about the technologies you use (or need) to run your business? My 17 years’ experience with technology and consulting give me expertise and sound instincts about the technology that any business needs to succeed. I'll take your knowledge about your business, and combine it with my knowledge of best practices and technology solutions, to come up with a detailed plan to move your business forward.

About Me

I have a passion for simplifying complex systems, automating them, and making organizations run like clockwork. I love exploring the world, and have traveled to over 50 countries. I enjoy taking on new challenges and helping my clients' organizations succeed.

Education and Training


MA: Middle East Studies

Project Management

Implementing new software solutions can be painful for an organization if not managed correctly. I have recommended and implimented software platforms and upgrades at Fortune 500 companies and NGOs. I can help keep your technology solutions on track to meet your goals.

Website and Apps

Your organization’s website or app is its face to the world. Is your website out of date and not having the impact you desire? Do you need a SaaS delivery model? Let me build a website or mobile app that solves your specific strategic needs utilizing the latest in digital technology.

Blockchain and Dapps

Distributed apps running on the blockchain are changing many areas of our daily lives. I am the creator of NGO Xchange, the first cryptocurrency for the nonprofit sector. I can show you how this technology can use applied to increase your business's efficiency.