Cameron R Nelson: a tech exec with 18 years of experience...

I am a technology and operations executive with 18 years' experience in software development, design thinking, business strategy, analysis, and operations. I have worked in a wide variety of industries, including Fortune 500 companies, consulting, startups, and nonprofits. My leadership experience includes founding and co-founding multiple companies, being a senior technology consultant in Silicon Valley, managing teams of 20+ developers, running a technology consulting firm, and nonprofit leadership. I am an explorer and innovator with a diverse background in the humanities, anthropology, Middle East studies, and business, plus travel to over 50 countries. I am passionate about creating services and products that have a positive social impact.


College of William and Mary

MA: Middle East Studies

University of Utah

Web design

Mobile design



Digital design

Graphic design

User experience

Naming and brand identity

Travel to 55 countries




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